One Year License, Perpetual License, Site License, Free License
  • Education: 25%
  • Government: 20%
  • Non-profit: 30%
  • Volume Discount: 10+

  • Eazy Fix eliminates the hassle and headache of dealing with common Windows PC problems by simply rollback it to any point in time. Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine.

  • Baseline Shield resets computer to its pristine condition with desired configurations with a simple restart, regardless of what user has done to the computer such as erasing files, installing new software, downloading programs or deliberately tampering with Windows registry settings. Baseline Shield makes the computer always perfectly configured and ready.

  • Eazy Fix EndPoint Manager streamlines the management of Windows PCs with a central, graphical network management console.

  • EFI System Cloner is a small, nimble and pure EFI based system clone software.